Boku no Hero Academia 2 Review


Director: Kenji Nagasaki
Studio: Bones
Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Superpower
Construction Year: 2017
Number of Episodes: 25
Anime Rating: 10/7

I normally leave the reviews of popular anime to other friends, but since the review of this series was not added to the site, the job fell through and I had to write the review. First of all, if you haven’t watched the first season, let’s take you to the review. Because today we will review the second season. Our characters, who cry less than in the first season, continue the anime with their immature states and movements. I can say that almost all of this season is spent with activities at school. These are the kinds of works that I don’t like very much, but they still make themselves watch in an anime way. It cannot be said that we have made much progress in the name of the story. It’s just nice that my favorite character, Todoroki, is in the foreground and improving himself.

I can say that I’m back from giving 6 to anime. Because, except for the Hero Killer part, most places were boring and the activity parts we saw a lot in other anime. It does not promise anything different and presents things to us in a cliché way. But I gave it a 7 for Hero Killer and Todoroki’s sake. Even though it is a cliché, it is a plus that it is not too boring and is watched by itself. The other heroes we saw at the event were also beautifully designed. For some reason, the characters other than our 1A class caught my attention more and I wished they had more of them. Because our 1A heroes seem to get bored after a while, let’s see. Maybe they will develop and come up with different stories. Because we need side stories like Lida and Todoroki, elements that come out of his own belief like Bakugou (to be the best and prove it).

One of the biggest cons of Shounen anime is that bad enemies don’t die. Obviously, we will feel the same sorun in this anime in the coming seasons. Instead of killing or eliminating bad enemies, they constantly leave them wounded so that we don’t get in trouble again. I don’t like this kind of work, let’s see, I hope there will be a difference in the next seasons and I will be wrong. Because I don’t like seeing the same bad guys over and over. It made me happy to see Dabi brother, whose figures I always see, this season. Of course, I don’t even know the character of the man, just too charismatic for the bad guy, so I know him. The Hero Killer also added color to this season, and I think it was the element that carried the season. Otherwise, parts such as entertainments, events, and nickname-finding sections will not stay in my mind. Looking back at season two, the Hero Killer Stain and Todoroki remain. Of course, one of the biggest aspects of the anime’s self-watching is the comedy element. I didn’t laugh much, but there were parts that I had fun. Especially watching Bakugou is quite entertaining for me. The man is a complete maniac. We need this too. (The treatment he received at his internship place was very good. We said that we finally got what he deserved, especially with his hair style, but it didn’t last long in those parts)

Anyway, the bottom line is that the second season continues as a shounen with an average build. It’s watchable for the curious, but it wasn’t a great season in my eyes. But it wasn’t bad enough to leave the anime. I will watch the sequel and the 3rd season, and I would like to review it if possible. Maybe the next seasons will be much better and surprise us. Just as Hunter x Hunter, which started Shounen, suddenly became so hard that it hit us in the brain, My Hero Academia might surprise and surprise us. Haa, he can stay in a straight shounen, but it’s his aim to watch himself again, whether it’s quality or killing time. This is as much as me for now, take care of yourself, stay healthy and quality anime.

Note 1: And these guys are stealing every minute, especially in the first half of the season: flashbacks from the previous episode, together with the intro – outro, they contain 6-7 or even 8 minutes of empty scenes, sometimes with the crap out of them. This pulls the anime, which is 24 minutes, to 16-17 minutes. I think it’s too little time for an anime. Do not steal time, friend, do business.

Boku No Hero Academia The Movie 1: Futari no Hero Sequel Brief Review: It’s a must-watch movie after season 2, before season 3, and it’s a crunchy snack movie full of action and gassing scenes. Even though its subject and treatment are clichés, do not miss it as it özgü parts that bring strong gas.

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