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Feysbuk Pages Manager helps Feysbuk Page admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages. Using this app you can post updates and photos and respond to comments on your Pages. This app allows you to post content to pages, respond to comments, and even manage ad campaigns.

Feysbuk Pages Manager enables you to view and reply to private messages sent to your page by an interested audience. The main benefit of the Page Manager app, of course, is to help you manage your Feysbuk Page when you’re not in front of your laptop.

Using Feysbuk Pages Manager App to connect with the page Audience

The good thing about managing your Page through the Feysbuk Pages Manager app is that it makes most of the main tasks simple. Like checking your page insights, a post like, and the most important checking Feysbuk ad performance all in one place. You can easily view and review your page from the audience’s perspective and post and update accordingly.

The Feysbuk Pages Manager app also offers better functionality via a menu at the bottom and quicker switching between Pages if you manage multiple ones. In many cases, it might be a better option than the Feysbuk app. There are five main menu tabs located at the bottom of the app, plus two important manager options in the two upper right corners.

Navigating Feysbuk Pages Manager

Page tab: See all the Pages you manage and toggle between them easily. Click on this tab to see your Page and how followers see it. You can also quickly update your cover photo Page photo, add a button, publish a post, share a photo/video, create an event, promote your Page and see a feed of all your latest posts.

The Page Insights tab: This tab enables you to see and review a summary of your post insights for the past month. Such as your most engaged posts, your event insights, your page activity, your page discovery, and your audience.

Inbox tab: Here you will view all of your latest Page messages and respond to them easily on Feysbuk Pages Manager. You can also view and reply to Feysbuk comments along with Instagram feed comments and Instagram inbox. Both synced into a single inbox.

Notifications tab: This tab will keep you notified and updated with all the latest happenings on your page. See all your latest likes, comments, tags, mentions, and more.

Tools tab: Take advantage of Page tools for sharing and promoting your Page via Feysbuk Pages Manager. Here you have sharing tools, Business tools such as ads management, and job posting tools for your page.

Appointments Tab: This tab displays all your set appointments confirmed by your customers in response to your automatic appointment set during your office hours.

Page Settings: Configure your Page’s general settings and options like visibility. View your page as a visit. This tab is depicted by three dots next to your contact now button on your page.

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