Textra SMS 4.50 APK for Android – Download


If you still like sending out lots of texts then you need to try the Textra SMS app. It gives you really amazing predictive texts with highspeed input. This messaging app will enable you to customize your Tetxing threads and will add unique features to the boring old texting methods.

Textra SMS allows you to swipe the conversations left or right for more actions. Swiping left will reveal a trash icon to delete the thread and a swipe to the right reveals a phone icon to enable you to make a call straight from the conversation list. Which is much more faster and convenient when you are managing a business from your phone.

Textra SMS can replace your Texting app

Most of the standard features of this app will find relevance with the Stock Google Texting service. Such as tapping the contact picture in the top right corner opens up their contact card. You can view options to make a call or go into their contact entry in your phone book. Tapping the message sign above the keyboard opens up a ton of options.

You can select an emoji, take a picture directly from the app, browse through your gallery to pick a picture to send to your friend. Or time delay a message, share a contact card, or find a gif. Read more about Textra texting apps complete features list. They also included a BOT helper in its latest 2020 update.

When you have a new text notification, tapping the alert in Textra SMS will open up a quick reply prompt that shows you a small snippet of your conversation and the full keyboard. Textra gives you pretty powerful customization tools for a texting app. In the customization window, you’ll find options for the background color (light, dark, and black).

Including a ton of theme colors that control the color of the top bar and accent color, bubble colors within the conversation window, and app icon color. Download the app now by clicking on the download button. Let us know if you liked Textra Sms features by rating the app and commenting with your opinion.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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