Township 9.3.0 APK for Android – Download


Township is a city-building and farming game. Build a farm, and then start building a small town where you may grow your farming business into a food and entertainment empire. There are mini-games in between the maintenance and building tasks. Players get an unexpectedly detailed look at commerce and community expansion as they oversee crop and product creation.

Township game is best platform for planning like city building and farm building. It is now easy to nest with natural life. Downloading this game will build your thinking and managing qualities. You can build your own farm by planning through this game. Township is best for those people who live naturally.

Just start managing your farm. Your responsibility is to look after for all the work on the farm which include animals, agricultural products and magnificent trees. The animal’s nutrition and all other needs, planting crops, pruning and caring for the trees are all yours. Your attention is needed for time management to complete these tasks. Animals must eat their food in time in the right season, crops harvesting and products of trees should be collected on time.

Build your farm and unlock new buildings

In the start, Township looks a lot like Farmville, and you are tasked with building a farm, taking care of your crops, and taking care of your animals. You will start as a farmer farming simple crops. As you progress in the game you will unlock new features and building for increasing your revenue. For example, you are harvesting vegetables, you buy a restaurant, and then you feed customers your carrots in your meals. It özgü the shine and cartoony feel that most mobile games have, and it özgü very simple controls.

Upgrading Storage and Buildings

Products like of animals and crops are your responsibility which you collect in township game and this need timing. The best platforms to sell these products are factory, markets and yours neighbors. You can use the other tools you need in your income farm to get supplies. Growing, developing and defeating your farm is entirely in your hands. Use your money wisely and be your new livestock and agricultural tools. Township game is essential for you to enjoy in free time. Press the download button, do not waste any time. Have the chance to play whenever you want.

You helicopter to deliver items around the town. Railway station to send and receive items from other cities from around the world. People around the town will have different product requirements such as bread or milk. You can deliver those items to them by clicking on the helipad. But that will only happen after you have produced those items. Players will have to wait, for example, for cows to produce milk after feeding them unless they hisse to speed things up. A map shows characters’ requests for items; if they’ve made enough of what they want, the items can be delivered by helicopter. Adding homes raises the population and can earn you new crop fields.

Township features:

  • Distinct decorations and buildings to create your dream town.
  • Different crops with their Process to grow.
  • Your town’s mine packed with ancient artifacts to discover and collect.
  • Pretty animals to look after.
  • Farms to manage and expand.
  • Tropical goods brought from islands.
  • Reproduce animals by building a zoo.
  • Use country flags and prominent landmarks to furnish your town, like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and many more!
  • Play with your friends on Feysbuk and Google+ friends and create a network through this game.


  • To play this game Web connection is essential by enabling social interactions, other features and competitions.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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